Valet Parking

Providing class and an air of elegance.

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Trend Setter’s is a public service company providing service for locations in and surrounding the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

This is possible by making a breathe taking first impression. With a sense of urgency, we meet our customers with a graceful service that would be admired by Royalty. This includes shielding our guests from the weather and providing a complementary car air freshener. Here at Trend Setter’s we understand the first impression will not only influence but often times be all that’s needed to determine an opinion of an environment or business.

No more wasting time circling the area looking for available parking. No more long walks to and from your vehicle. No more having fear going to or from your car through poorly lighted areas.


We invite you to a new beginning with the service provided by Trend Setter’s Valet Parking. Our valet service is fully insured alleviating hosts concerns. Our staff is carefully selected through an assortment of standards. This includes qualifications such as background checks of criminal & driving history.

A number of things determine qualification of service:

  • Host customer base
  • Cost of product or service given
  • Parking location and spaces

Call (888) 935-9464 or email us at


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